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 Lemoyne, PA - March 21, 2012 - Due to increased market demand for SnoBar and ColorBar snow retention systems, SnoBlox-Snojax and SnoBar have partnered together to reduce pricing and lead times in the US and Canadian markets. Effective March 15, they now have two full distribution centers and two powder coating facilities.
    "With stocking distribution centers in Englewood, CO and Lemoyne, PA we can now significantly reduce lead times, system cost, and shipping prices for our customers. This strategy has allowed us to release new lower 2012 pricing, about 15% lower than 2011. Due to improved logistics, redesigned shipping crates and increased production volume, 100% of the cost savings have been transferred to our customers." says Brion McMullen, President of IceBlox, Inc. d.b.a. SnoBlox-Snojax.
    "We are now able to ship mill finished systems the same day as ordered and can ship color matched powder coated systems in about 2 weeks from our new facility in Lemoyne, PA. Local customers can even pick up orders to avoid shipping costs. Of all the advantages of the SnoBar line of snow retention products, fast lead times is one of the most requested and appreciated by our customers." explains Paul Riddell, President of Riddell and Co., Inc. and Action Manufacturing, LLC.

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