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Tested and proven to increase the uplift performance of metal roofs by up to 300%! Also proven to reduce metal roof noise by up to 95% by reducing panel vibration during high winds. WindBar is the only patented system in the United Stated to provide increased wind uplift performance of this level, excellent snow retention performance, and noise reduction all in one easy to install system.  


The WindBar system is a series of external purlins mounted with non-penetrating clamps and our patented Windstopper foot. WindBar significantly increases uplift performance while reducing metal roof noise from high winds. Once installed, a square bar spans between clamps, and the Windstopper is attached to the bar over the middle of the panel. The Windstopper foot then holds down the middle of the panel, preventing lift caused by negative wind pressure, which all roofs experience in any wind condition.

WindBar Components

Millions of dollars in metal roof damage occur each year and could easily be avoided with the use of the WindBar system. Effective against damage from coastal winds, micro bursts, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. WindBar can help your building meet the new tougher ASCE 7-98 wind code guidelines.  


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WindBar Spec Sheet
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RCI WindBar Article
An article by Jason Nagaki on the benefits of the WindBar System.
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