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Our award winning company pioneered the use of polycarbonate in the snow guard industry in 1976 and continues to innovate and develop new products each year. We carry a complete line of polycarbonate and 304 stainless steel snow guards and SnowBreakers. Every product is professionally tested, American Made, and ready to ship.  


We also offer the premiere rail type snow retention system with our SnoBar, ColorBar, ColorRail and Metal Roof WindGuard products. We can custom design snow guard systems for glue down, screw down, or non-penetrating clamp-on attachment and offer free lifetime warranties for properly designed and installed projects.


We strive to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Our friendly and attentive staff is looking forward to serving you.

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Brion McMullen


Email: brion@snojax.com





Howie Scarboro

National Sales Manager

Phone: 717-458-7880

Email: howie@snojax.com




Derek Gamble

SnoBar Specialist

Phone: 717-737-4398

Email: derek@snojax.com




Paul Wacker

Shipping and Receiving

Phone 717-697-1900

671 Willow Street
Lemoyne, PA 17043

Phone: 717-737-4398

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