Membrane Bracket

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Our exclusive new Membrane Mounts allow SnoBar/ColorBar products to be safely installed on Membrane/TPO type roof systems without roof leaks, membrane damage, or voided warranties. Membrane mounts are fabricated with a 12 gauge 304 Stainless Steel plate, 6 mounting holes for mechanical fastening to the roof structure, and 2 – 304 Stainless Steel studs for ColorBracket attachment. These mounts can be used for new or existing roofs. They are designed to be mechanically fastened over the base membrane layer then flashed over by a 12”x12” square of membrane for a watertight seal.


This is the fastest installing system on the market due to the exclusive top-loading mounts that allow the SnoBar/ColorBar to be set down into the mount instead of having to be fed thru the mount. Fast and easy installation means lower labor costs and less chance of scratching the bar’s finish!        


The product includes a lifetime warranty on all components for all systems that are installed as per the manufacturer's recommendations. In addition, the manufacturer carries full liability coverage so you can install with confidence!  SnoBar/ColorBar has 20 years of field proven results, it installs faster with less chance of damage to the finish, while saving on labor!


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Membrane Bracket Specification
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