Snobar Snow Retention System

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Each SnoBar system is professionally designed based on project specific data to protect your metal roof from dangerous sliding snow and ice.  SnoBar systems include a limited lifetime warranty covering performance, parts and finish. Some of the competition charges extra or offers no warranty at all.  The backbone of the system is non-corrosive 16ga. heavy galvanized and clear-coated steel bar that is clamped at each and every seam.  We exclusively use 1” square bar and mount the face perpendicular to the roof panels.  Flat surfaces hold snow and ice longer and more efficiently than round or angled bar.  As an option, we offer an aluminum IceStopper that mounts 90 degrees perpendicular to the roof surface. 


Our patented, stainless steel clamp uses "Cupped Tip Stainless Steel Screws".  These specially designed screws permanently anchor to the seam. They also only require 90/in.lbs of torque, round tip set screws can require up to 180/in.lbs.  Less torque means more efficient holding power and less chance of damaging the seam.  Our clamp’s unique patented design allows for lightning fast installation due to it’s one piece design.  It attaches directly over the seam without panel feeding and the bar simply drops into the top of the clamp without having to be fed thru a hole.  Installation is fast and easy while avoiding costly damage to the bar’s finish.    


Our steel bar is manufactured using the G150 galvanizing process, unique in that the bar is fully dipped and then clear coated. This process is so good that we warranty the finish for a lifetime. Additionally the bars are offered in stainless steel and can be powder coated to match the roof.


We have distribution centers in PA and CO and can ship in-stock, mill finished system same day and powder coated systems usually ship within 2 weeks.  On Larger orders, SnoBar is usually shipped in 12’ lengths and packed in custom built sealed crates along with the components to protect the contents from shipping damage. We also offer mill finish 6' kits that can purchase online and usually ship the same day.    


The product includes a lifetime warranty on all components for all systems that are installed as per the manufacturer's recommendations. In addition, the manufacturer carries full liability coverage so you can install with confidence!  SnoBar is field proven to install faster and save on labor costs!


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Brackets Available For All Roof Types

Optional IceStoppers / WindStoppers

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