Double-Bar Mount

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Our exclusive new Double-Bar Mounts are perfect for projects that require a two bar system in their specifications. This innovative, new mounting system allows SnoBar/ColorBar products to be safely installed on standing seam roofs without leaks, damage, or voided warranties. Constructed from extruded aluminum and utilizing the proven power of our patented RoofClamps, these mounts can be used for new or existing roofs. Attachment is achieved with our "Cupped Tip Stainless Steel Screws".  These specially designed screws permanently anchor to the seam. They require 90/in.lbs of torque, whereas round tip set screws can require up to 180/in.lbs.  Less torque means more efficient holding power and less chance of damaging the seam.  Installation is fast and easy, while avoiding costly damage to the roof's finish.    


This is the fastest installing system on the market due to the exclusive top-loading mounts that allow the SnoBar/ColorBar to be set down into the mount instead of having to be fed thru the mount. Fast and easy installation means lower labor costs and less chance of scratching the bar’s finish!        


We can ship in-stock, mill finished systems same day and powder coated systems usually ship within 2 weeks.  SnoBar is usually shipped in 12’ lengths and larger orders are packed in custom built sealed crates along with the components to protect the contents from shipping damage. We also offer mill finish 6' kits that can purchase online and usually ship the same day.    


The product includes a lifetime warranty on all components for all systems that are installed as per the manufacturer's recommendations. In addition, the manufacturer carries full liability coverage so you can install with confidence!  SnoBar/ColorBar has 20 years of field proven results, it installs faster with less chance of damage to the finish, while saving on labor!


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